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STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems High Visibility Bollards

  • High Visibility bollards can be used internally to protect columns & machinery; & externally in traffic
    & road access areas, effectively protecting areas in which vehicles are on the move.
  • In external areas, a flashing LED light can be added to the top which is visible 360°.
  • The LED light is equipped with a solar powered rechargeable battery.
  • Long life LED. Available as D70 H1300mm or D120 H1250mm/H1750mm.
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STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems Pedestrian Segregation & Wall Protection

  • Highly visible, strong and durable. Keep pedestrian walkways clearly defined.

  • Protect walls, equipment & the workforce.

  • Full survey & installation service available

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STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems Rackend Protection

  • Tested to stop:

    D120 Rail—4030kg @ 9.6mph

    D140 Bollard—4030kg @ 7.9mph

  • A range of bollards & guardrails available to protect the most vulnerable part of warehouse racking.
  • The rack end is protected from bumps, scrapes & collisions which inevitably lead to damage, safety concerns & extra repair costs.
  • Guardrails can also be used to protect walls, doors & equipment.
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STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems Unique FIXA Block System with 5 Year Guarantee

  • Stommpy® Shockproof products deflect but never break!
  • Made from Tecklene®, Stommpy® products are shockproof, rust & shatterproof, suitable for general warehouse use & certified for use in food processing & pharmaceutical environments.
  • No more rust, expensive re-painting procedures or costs for replacing traditional bollards and guardrails.
  • The new patented floor anchoring FIXA Block System® has increased the pull-out resistance of the floor fixing to over four times that of a traditional floor anchor.
  • All barriers are fixed within their footprint which ensures no bolt heads can be pulled out of the floor.
  • The Fixa Block System® is guaranteed not to damage the floor in normal warehouse impacts.
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