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Pedal Bins

  • Fitted with plastic liners
£20.16 incl VAT

Premium Pedal Bins

  • Ideal for offices, warehouses, schools and factories etc
  • Manufactured from polypropylene
  • Hygienic and easy to wipe clean
  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Pedal operated
£59.94 incl VAT

Flip Lid Bins

  • High quality coloured plastic base with a white flip lid
£27.00 incl VAT

Push Flap Litter Bins

  • Hygienic wipe-clean plastic
  • Push flap opening with clear lettering & directional arrow
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, offices, shops, warehouses etc
£29.94 incl VAT

Lift Lid Bins

  • Ideal for recycling & your normal waste
  • Grey bases with coloured lids
£22.74 incl VAT

Push Lid Litter Bins

  • Ideal for recycling & your normal waste
  • Grey bases with coloured lids
  • Complete with 6 stickers - simply attach the sticker of your choosing
£27.48 incl VAT

Grey Push Lid Litter Bins

  • Hygienic wipe-clean pale grey plastic
  • Push flap opening with clear lettering and directional arrow
£51.12 incl VAT

Dome Top Bins

  • 40 litre steel pushbin complete with liner
  • Available in a choise of finishes from matt or mirro stainless steel grey or black epoxy coated
£133.50 incl VAT

"Slim Bins" Recycling Bins

  • Slim metal look plastic recycling bins are the perfect choice for the workplace and home
  • Ideal for recycling and your normal waste
  • 55 Litre bin is 610H x 290W x 490D mm
  • 70 Litre bin is 730H x 290W x 490D mm.
£93.54 incl VAT

Soft Touch Litter Bins

  • 40 litre steel circular bins with a soft touch plastic lid
  • Manufactured from steel bodies with high impact lids
  • Available in either a stainless steel or black epoxy coated finishes
£88.32 incl VAT

Pedal Bin

  • Ideal for office & industrial use
  • Hygienic wipe clean plastic
  • 60L capacity with a retention bar to hold bin liners
£40.02 incl VAT

Push/Swing Top Litter Bins

  • Manufactured in steel and powder coated in different colours
  • STB06Z - lift off top assembly incorporates a lightly sprung flap
  • STB07Z - Self closing swivel top prevents a fire by excluding the air flow
  • Size: 310W x 310D x 895H mm
£165.84 incl VAT

Tidy Containers

  • Hygienic wipe-clean pale grey plastic
  • Built in handles for easy lifting
  • Optional snap-on lids for stacking
  • Optional bag converts the bin to a janitorial trolley
  • Optional Dolly to suit all 4 models available, allowing easy movement
  • Subject to availability
£33.54 incl VAT

Open Top Litter Bins

  • High quality coloured grey plastic base with coloured lids
  • Foot plate assists with bag/waste removal
£28.86 incl VAT

Wood Effect Bins

  • Manufactured from powder coated steel with plastic wood effect strips

Single model:

  • Four openings each measuring 210 x 110mm
  • Complete with a galvanised liner

Double model:

  • Supplied mixed recycling & general waste plaques
  • Complete with 2 x 39L galvanised liners which are covered by a lockable door
£323.58 incl VAT
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